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AKGW-WMS40 Flexx guitar wireless set in 4 bands

AKGW-WMS40 Flexx guitar wireless set in 4 bands

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The GB 40 Flexx guitarbug is probably the easiest and least invasive way to integrate a guitar, bass, or portable keyboard into a wireless system in next to no time.

The GB40 Flex GuitarBug transmitter operates with a single AAA battery providing more than 11 hours of operation, offering the lowest operating cost in this class. The frequency response is optimized for guitar and bass and can be used for keyboards and all instruments with a jack plug. The patented FlexJack-Plug is an additional feature to allow for extended flexibility by matching all guitar outputs with an included long adapter jack.

The FlexJack swivel jack plug will co-exist with any type of output jack and is spring loaded to hold the GB 40 securely against the instrument. In addition, the diminutive size of the GB 40 makes it virtually invisible and will not interrupt the musician's ability to effectively perform with the transmitter in place.

GB 40 FLEXX "Guitar Bug" Transmitter


- A "FlexJack" swiveling jack plug connects the transmitter to every type of output jack, and the GB 40 Flexx guitarbug will automatically "hug" the instrument.
- Smallest switchable miniature transmitter
- 3 different battery covers included
- Swiveling FlexJack connector matching every guitar
- GB 40 Flexx guitarbug provides an input gain control.
- Extended frequency response optimized for guitars and basses

More Features:

- Carrier frequency range: 863 to 864.8 MHz, 3 fixed frequencies
- Audio bandwidth: 40 to 20,000 Hz
- THD: typ 0.8
- Signal/noise ratio: typ. 103 dB (A)
- Modulation: FM
- RF output power: 5 mW (ERP)
- Power supply: 1 AAA size batteries
- Battery life: 11 hours (dry batteries), 6 hours (rechargeable batteries)
- Dimensions: 76 x 20 x 28 mm (3 x 0.8 x 1.1 in.)
- Net weight: 28 g (1 oz.) (exc. of batteries)

SR40 FLEXX Receiver


- Three selectable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception.
- Diversity: maximum transmission reliability even in difficult environments. The system automatically selects the antenna providing the best signal.
- Adjustable squelch
- Multichannel capability for simultaneous use of up to nine channels (maximum number of channel depends on local frequency plans).
- All-metal case, High Definition Audio Performance technology ensures the legendary, realistic AKG sound and perfect audio transmission.

More Features:

- THD: typ. 0,8 (at 1 kHz)
- Signal/noise ratio: typ. 110 dB(A)
- Modulation: FM
- Audio outputs: bal. XLR and unbal. 1/4" jack, output level adjustable, at rated deviation: 500 mV rms.
- Power supply: 120/230 V AC
- Dimensions: 200 x 190 x 44 mm (7.8 x 7.4 x 1.7 in.)
- Net weight: 665 g (1.5 lbs.)


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