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Ibanez Autowah pedal AW7

Ibanez Autowah pedal AW7

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  • R 83900

  • SensAdjusts the response to changes in your picking dynamics. With a setting of 0 there will be no response and the AW7 will function as a fixed wah.
  • ManualThis has the same function as the pedal of a wah pedal. Turning the knob to the right is equivalent to advancing the pedal.
  • DriveControls the saturation level. The saturation and sustain effects will increase when the knob is turned to the right.
  • LevelControls the overall volume of the pedal. Volume is increased when turned to the right and decreased when turned to the left.
  • Type
    (LPF / Wah)Switches between two types of wah sounds.
    • LPF:A low-pass filter that cuts only the high range. The low range will not be lost.
    • Wah:A conventional wah, which is a band-pass filter that cuts the low and high range sounds.
  • Distortion
    (Off / Dist+Wah / Wah/Dist)Selects how the internal distortion will be connected.
    • Off:Distortion will not be applied.
    • Dist+wah:Connect in the order of distortion => Wah. This intensifies the effect of the wah.
    • Wah+Dist:Connect in the order of wah => distortion. This is the most commonly-used connection.

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