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Koki'o Ebony tenor ukulele U-LEBLEB-T

Koki'o Ebony tenor ukulele U-LEBLEB-T

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  • R 2,75000

Koki'o Ebony tenor ukulele U-LEBLEB-T.

  • Very high quality closed, light, geared tuners for precise tuning
  • Nut and saddle made of bone instead of plastic
  • All Ukuleles feature an arched back, which is not just looking nice, but concentrates the sound to the top hole like a parabolic mirror
  • Great sound due to quality solid woods and laminates
  • All models in satin finish, because the much thicker gloss finish damps the vibration of the woods
  • High-value appearance due to LASER headstock logo, LASER sound hole rosette and LASER body label
  • Binding around the fretboard for better playability
  • Solid mahogany necks
  • Two strap-pins pre-installed on all concert and tenor models
  • Optional state-of-the-art pickup system with integrated tuning device
  • Low surcharge for cutaways and pickups
  • Set up in store
  • All instruments are delivered with a gigbag.

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