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Nux digital drum kit DM5

Nux digital drum kit DM5

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DM-5S is a professional digital drum kit equipped with 232 types of ultra-realistic drum sounds, a simple interface, and a customizable sound library. Featuring velocity-sensitive triggers, you can set parameters for your drum pads and cymbals, to ensure the most accurate and natural response. Practice mode offers Quick Record/Quick Play functions. And you can add various effects when playing the DM-5S. In addition, the new mesh head used for DM-5S is more sensitive than the old version, resulting in more natural response.

  • Highlights: 
  • - Built-in 232 kinds of realistic drum sounds
  • - Ultra-realistic touch response
  • - 50 drum sets: 25 sets by default, 25 sets of user settings
  • - Easy installation and space-saving
  • - Support for custom sound library editor
  • - USB port supports USB flash disk audio players and USB-MIDI
  • - Built-in Coach features help you improve your drum skills

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