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Nux Mini Core Tube Man Effect Pedal- CHNOD2

Nux Mini Core Tube Man Effect Pedal- CHNOD2

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  • R 89900

Another overdrive pedal BUT with more possibilities 

The story of NUXTubeman Overdrive begins a quest of finding not only the perfect classic drive sound but also offering a new level of sonic versatility to provide more possibilities for musicians of different music styles. Tony Meng, chief engineer of NUX, decided to get it done by refining the great sounds of NUX Drive Core Deluxe and NUX OD-3.  A designed FET input stage makes Tubeman breakup in a whole new, genuine "Tube-like" style which will make your leads singing and your rhythm playing sounding more dynamic and expressive than ever. It all culminates in an overdrive that is superbly dynamic, with crispness and clarity that let players cut through a dense mix, while retaining the plump mid range.


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