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Nux Portable Acoustic EFX PA2

Nux Portable Acoustic EFX PA2

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  • R 99900

PA-2 Portable Acoustic Guitar EFX
  1. Two tuning modes (Chromatic, Guitar), flat tuning function
  2. Built-in metronome with selectable rhythm patterns
  3. 9 user and 9 preset programs
  4. AUX IN makes it easy to jam along with an external music-playback device (mp3 player, etc.)
  5. Three acoustic preamp: FLAT, JUMBO and MELLOW
  6. Three variable speed modulation effects: CHORUS-1, CHORUS-2 and WIDE
  7. More than 300ms DELAY, ROOM and HALL REVERB
  9. Backlit LCD screen for tuner and metronome
  10. Two AA batteries provide more than 8 hours

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