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Nux Vintage Fuzz Pedal FZ2

Nux Vintage Fuzz Pedal FZ2

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  • R 69900

FZ-2 Vintage FUZZ

Look back to late 60's. Rock 'n' Roll was filled with dirty, fuzzy distortion. That effect defined that age. And today, 60's rock is popular again and therefore Fuzz is a must have for those who are dreaming of becoming a legend.

The FZ-2 creates the retro sound and uses discrete transistor circuitry to create the classic “chainsaw” distortion. By tweaking the "Attack" knob to the maximum, you will get tons of fuzz but it won't be muddy. The "Bite" knob allows you to add more treble to your tone.

If you want to experience the sound of 60's or 70's legendary Fuzz pedals, don't look further than the Nu-X FZ-2.

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