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Paiste 10" 900CS purple splash cymbal

Paiste 10" 900CS purple splash cymbal

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aiste Color Sound 900 Purple Cymbals are more physically flexible than many other cymbals, resulting in a lot of give and control at low volumes. Partially made by hand and partly by machine, they feature a glossy purple finish that looks totally unique. It won't chip or crack, and it slightly dries up the sustain and overtones.

This 10" splash throws a burst of warm noise into the mix every time it's hit, decaying quickly to make room for whatever comes next.

  • Glossy Purple Finish Won't Chip or Crack
  • Finish Dries Up Sound Slightly
  • Very Physically Flexible
  • Lots of Give and Control
  • Burst of Warm White Noise
  • Quick Decay

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