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Topp Pro 12 channel USB mixer - ON SPECIAL

Topp Pro 12 channel USB mixer - ON SPECIAL

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  • R 2,50000
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The TOPP PRO MX.12USBV2 12 Channel Mixer has all the professional features at an affordable price. Ideal for gigging musicians and home recording studios


12-Channel USB Mixer
Inputs: 4 Microphone-Line XLR , 4 Stereo Channels 1/4″ jack
100 Presets 24-bit digital effects processor
Tape In/Out Connections: RCA
USB Phantom AUX Send-Return for each channel Headphone output for Control Room
3-band EQ
Frequency Response: +0, -1 dB 10 Hz to 150 kHz
Distortion: <0.005% @+4 dBu output
Noise: -129 dBu
Crosstalk: Adjacent Inputs or Input to Output: -90 dB@1 kHz
Equalization: +/-12 dB@2.5 kHz
Mixer Rated Output: Main, Aux, Control Room +4 dBu, Maximum Rated Output +22 dBu
Maximum Input Levels: Mic Input +12 dBu, Gain @+10 dB, Line Input +30 dBu, Gain @+10 dB, Tape Input and Aux Return +22 dBu
Input Impedance: Mic Input 2.6 kOhm balanced, Line Input 20 kOhm balanced, Stereo Aux Returns 20 kOhm balanced, CD/Tape In 24 kOhm unbalanced
Output Impedance: Main 240 Ohm balanced; 120 Ohm unbalanced, Ctrl Room Aux Sends 120 Ohm, Tape Output 1 kOhm, Phones Output 25 Ohm
AC Power Requirements: 220VAC, 60Hz
Dimensions: 41 x 272 x 259 mm
Weight: 1.4 kg

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