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About Us

Thundercloud Music is a family run and owned store unlike most other stores that are corporate stores.The business was started by the owner,Terry Smith,who bought guitar spares & built electric guitars completely by hand.He then sold his masterpieces to those who could not afford the guitars on the market.This action gave him the name "poor mans friend" from which he still follows to this day. Our staff are knowledgeable in all products & can help you with any musical related issues you may be having.


All of our string instruments are set-up in-store and are ready to be played by the beginner to the more experienced,No matter how inexpensive or expensive the guitar might be,it gets the same treatment & the same goes for our customers. We also offer a repair service on amplifiers,guitars & most string instruments. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and products that are carefully selected for our discerning customers.


We supply all your musical needs from drums,amplifiers,keyboards, guitars,violins,etc.Visit us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram & Twitter


If You Have Any Queries Then Ask Chief Thundercloud Below: