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The "T" Files

The "T" Files is A Series of Knowledgeable Videos Explaining the Truth About Products Related to Music with A Bit of Humour Of course...


Episode 1: Strings & the Materials they're made from


Episode 2: Woods on Guitars & the Different Sounds They Make


Episode 3: Microphones & the Different Types you Get


Episode 4: Special Guest Explains Speakers & the Options Available


Episode 5: Ukuleles Sizes & Woods


Episode 6: Amplifiers & their Differences


Episode 7: Electric Guitars, Solid Body, Hollow & Pickups


Episode 8: Effects Pedals... Which one do you Choose?


Episode 9: Keyboards, Digital Pianos & Synthesizers


Episode 10: Violins, Sizes & Solid Bodies


Episode 11: Drums, Digital & sizes of drums & Choking cymbals.