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Question 1:
Why Do My Fingers Hurt When I Play Guitar?
OK, Generally Speaking, Fingers Will Always Hurt When Learning To Play as The Fingers Must Still Develop Calluses (Hardened Skin) Around The Fingertips, After That It Gets Easier. If You've Been Playing For A While & Your Fingers Still Hurt, Then This Could Be 1 of 2 Things:
Firstly, The Strings On Your Guitar Are Either Too Thick or You're Playing On a Steel String Guitar When You Could Be Playing On a Nylon String Guitar, Nylon Strings Have Less Tension Than Steel Strings, Therefore, Much Easier On The Fingers. Steel Strings Come In Different Gauges/Thicknesses, The Thinner The Strings, The Easier To Push Down Onto The Fretboard but With Less Volume Projection From The Guitar. The Thicker The Strings, The More Difficult It Is Too Push Down Onto The Fretboard but With Greater Volume Projection From The Guitar.
Guitars Generally Come Equipped With Standard Gauge/Thickness but Can Be Changed To A Lower Gauge/Thickness To Make It Easier To Play, This We Can Do In Our Shop For You & We Will Service Your Guitar While We Restring It.
Secondly, Your Guitar Might Need A Set-Up, This Involves A Fair Share Of Tweaking To The Guitar To Lower The Strings Closer To The Fretboard Making It Easier To Push The Strings Down. This Service We Also Offer In The Shop, It Involves Adjustment Of The Truss Rod Which Is A Steel Rod Through The Neck That Prevents Bowing & Warping, Sanding Down Of The Saddle Which Is The Thin Plastic/Bone That Sits Underneath The Strings On The Bridge Of The Guitar, Doing This Lowers The Strings, Filing In To The Necknut Which Is The Small Plastic/Bone That The Strings Sit On Situated On The Top Of The Neck Of The Guitar.
Once A Set-Up Is Done, The Guitar Is Alot Easier To Play Which Is Why Each Guitar We Sell On Our Website Has Been Set-up By Us To Make Sure That They Get Played By You, The Customer.
Question 2:
Why Does My Acoustic Guitar Sound Weird?
Guitars Are Fragile Instruments & Are Under Alot Of Tension From The Strings, Not To Mention The Intense Resonance It Endures, So If There Is Anything Wrong On The Guitar Then It'll Show Through & You'll Hear It. It'll Either Be A Rattling Noise Or A Low Harmonic Noise, This Could Be Many Things, It Could Be Something Simple Like The Battery Box Is  Too Loose, Or The Pickup Unit Is Loose Or The Input Is Loose, If You Have An Acoustic Electric Guitar. In This Case, It's An Easy Fix & You Could Probably Fix It Yourself, If Not, We Can Definitely Repair It For You In Our Shop.
If You Just Have A Straight Acoustic, Without A Pickup, Then Chances Are It's More Involved, The Machineheads Could Be Loose Or Worse, You Could Have Broken Bracing...
Gasp... Don't Stress, Broken Bracing Happens & It Is Repairable By Us Or Any Other Luthier You Know Of. Broken Bracing Is When The Pieces Of Wood Inside The Guitar That Hold It Together Come Loose From A Drop, Or If Someone Sat On The Guitar Or Just From Age, It's Tricky To Fix But Possible.
If All The Above Has Been Ruled Out & Your Guitar Still Sounds Weird, Then It Could Be To Do With Your Set-Up Of The Guitar, Either Fret-Buzz (Strings Hitting The Frets), Necknut Or Saddle Too Low (Parts That Have The Strings Sitting On Them) Or Even The Neck Being Too Tight, Any Of The Above Is Possible To Occur & Can Be Repaired By Us In The Shop.