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Alesis Nitro Max drum kit- Ales-Nitro Max kit

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Expanding on the acclaimed attainability and versatility of the original Nitro kit, the Alesis Nitro Max electronic drum set offers a wealth of style, sound, and strikeability improvements. For starters, Alesis has widened the diameter of this digital 5-piece’s dual-zone snare pad to 10 inches, now with more room to roll, ghost note, and groove to your heart’s content. White mesh heads and Strata drum pad wraps add more realism to the setup, while the impressive Nitro Max Drum Module churns out a whopping 440 sounds with 32 factory kits to choose from and another 16 to design yourself. Aboard this new and improved module, you’ll find stellar conveniences like Bluetooth connectivity for wireless jamming to your favorite tracks. Music Experience drummers also love the addition of a smart device holder. From dorms and apartments to compact corners and quiet practice spaces, the Nitro Max from Alesis is built for any beat.

      Alesis Nitro Max Kit Electronic Drum Kit Features:

      • Premium mesh drum heads for a quiet yet natural response
      • Large 10” dual-zone mesh snare for maximum playability
      • (3) 8” mesh single zone tom pads
      • Kick drum tower with kick drum pedal
      • 10” crash cymbal with choke, 10” ride, and 10” hi-hat with foot controller
      • 4-post aluminum rack for maximum stability and flexibility
      • Connection cables, drum sticks, drum key, and power supply included
      • Maximize your kit with an additional tom and cymbal with the Nitro Max Expansion Kit (not included)
      • Professionally recorded sounds from the BFD drum library
      • Bluetooth audio streaming for wireless music play along
      • Built-in device holder for easy access to your music and drum lessons
      • 32 ready to play BFD, classic and modern kits + 16 User kits
      • 440 drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds
      • 60 built-in play-along tracks, sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder
      • USB/MIDI connection for virtual instruments and recording software
      • 1/8” stereo aux input, 1/4” stereo line outputs, and 1/8” headphone output
      • 90-day free subscription to Drumeo
      • 30-day free subscription to Melodics Premium along with
      • 60 exclusive lessons Free BFD Player virtual drum instrument with expansion pack

      Extensive Nitro Max Module

      The brain behind Alesis’ Nitro Max electronic drum set certainly performs above its pay grade. Take your pick of 32 pre-selected drum kits, or create up to 16 personal kits that check every box of your specific musical vibe. An astonishing 440 sounds are at your disposal, derived from BFD and Strata sound sample libraries, providing plenty of instrument and tonal variation to hone in on a sound that’s just right for your applications. Looking to woodshed your chops? A selection of 60 onboard practice songs and an accompanying metronome will keep you properly in the groove. Plus, Alesis tossed in a Melodics drum lesson subscription and 90 free days of Drumeo courses — on the house! You can even record your sessions right to your laptop or desktop computer by way of integrated USB and MIDI jacks. Is your phone a piece of the percussive puzzle, too? The Nitro Max is the perfect match. You can now click the Bluetooth connection button to instantly bring your favorite tracks from your MP3 library or streaming platform right to the Nitro Max. To boot, Alesis even gave the module an ultra-convenient smartphone holder, giving you a steady spot to house your smartphone while you play.

      Truly versatile pad configuration

      The Nitro Max electronic drum set comes physically configured with impressive pieces all around, starting with a dual-zone snare pad extended to 10 inches for better response and more realistic playability. Now you’ve got all the room to accent your snare strikes! Accompanying the snare pad are three 8-inch single-zone tom pads, giving you a robust frequency range. Every drum pad in the set is also equipped with white mesh drum heads and Strata drum wraps, exuding a surprisingly acoustic aesthetic throughout this eDrum. Up top, three 10-inch cymbal pads — a hi-hat, ride, and choke-able crash — stand by to complement. Finally, a substantial kick pad tower awaits down below to provide plenty of backbeat presence.

      Backed by dependable hardware

      Sound? Superb. Playability? Perfect. How about feel and reliability? You’ll be delighted that the Nitro Max electronic drum set balances atop Alesis’ compact and configurable 4-post metal rack, equipped with mounting hardware and rubber feet for fantastic grip on wood floors, drum rugs, concrete surfaces, and more. An included drum key keeps the tension of each mesh pad rebounding to your liking, while both kick and hi-hat pedal foot controllers also provide precision responsiveness. Finally, a power supply and all of the cabling will arrive with your kit, ensuring that you get the Nitro Max up and running right out of the box. Just bring a throne!

      Built for any beat

      Whether you’re just starting your drumming journey, looking to get into eDrums for the first time, or are a veteran who wants a compact solution for practices and play-alongs, the Nitro Max is the comprehensive candidate for the job. This kit’s small footprint fits easily in compact areas, such as home studios, bedrooms, dorms, apartments — even that snug basement corner! Plus, the Nitro Max comes bundled with BFD Player as well, gaining drummers of all stripes total access to an efficiently navigable MIDI interface and expanding sample collection for curating your dream kit on both Mac and Windows computers.

      What Alesis Says...

      The Alesis Nitro Max is an electronic drum kit featuring highly responsive mesh drumhead technology. Alesis mesh drumheads lead the way for natural, responsive electronic drum performance that enables accurate playing while maintaining a quiet environment, suitable for home use. It features a 10” dual-zone snare drum for dynamic play, (3) 8” toms, (3) 10” cymbals, A kick drum tower, as well as kick and hi-hat pedals, plus the necessary cabling, a rock solid rack stand, sticks and drum key. Nitro Max includes an amazing sounding collection of realistic drum and percussion sounds. The drum module packs an impressive 32 premium drum kits from BFD, the leading drum sample library for Mac or PC. The Nitro Max module includes both classic and modern drum kit presets for a versatile sonic palette suited to any musical style or genre. Beyond that, the Nitro Max kit is ready to grow as drumming needs develop thanks to built-in expandable outputs for the optional Nitro Max expansion kit (not included).

      The Source of Serious Sound

      The Nitro Max drum module is at the center of not only realistic sounding drum and percussion instruments but also cutting-edge technology to deliver the tools needed for modern drum practice and performance. Featuring over 400 premium sounds from the BFD drum library, the Nitro Max module puts dozens of high-quality instruments within reach with the simple press of a button. Users can create and store up to 16 custom presets for quick retrieval. Jam along to performance tracks or favorite recordings thanks to Bluetooth integration, allowing users to stream audio from any Bluetooth enabled smart devices and tablets. Nitro Max even features a sleek device holder designed to accommodate most phones and pads in a landscape orientation, perfect for viewing lessons or tutorial videos while the user practices.

      Perfect Practice, Perfect Performance

      The Nitro Max module also features practice companion features to help drummers progress on their playing journey. For the jammers, Nitro Max features 60 play-along tracks for drummers to get down and lay down some serious grooves. When it’s time to get down to basic practice and preparation, the Nitro Max features a metronome, sequencer, and performance recorder to help keep drummers locked while working out tricky patterns and combinations.

      Discover Drumming with Drumeo

      Dive into a 90-day subscription of Drumeo, the world’s leading community for drummers. Drumeo provides an extensive collection of courses, artist content, and more to help drummers achieve their goals. Drumeo has content for drummers of all levels to learn and expand their skillset from the best drum performers, clinicians, and session musicians.

      Learn With Melodics

      Enjoy 100 free lessons plus a 30-day trial of premium Melodics subscription that helps users learn how to play drums and build the confidence to perform. With its friendly and interactive interface, Melodics makes practice fun while visualizing progress to help users track growth and development while playing along to music from the world’s most popular artists.

      Includes BFD Player

      Unlock a new world of drumming with BFD Player. Connect your Nitro Max drum kit to your Windows or Mac computer and turn your drums into a premium MIDI controller. BFD Player is an intuitive standalone software to explore the constantly expanding BFD drum sample library. Your copy of BFD player includes a premium sound pack with a simple-to-use interface for incredibly realistic and exceptional sounding drums.

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