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Alice long metal chrome guitar slide

Alice long metal chrome guitar slide

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Alice long metal chrome guitar slide.

Playing slide guitar is an essential part of the blues. Using a guitar slide or bottle neck will let you achieve that unmistakeable "sliding" sound

Metal guitar slides will work best if you want to achieve a heavy sound. A metal slide is denser than a glass slide and they are ideal for creating long and slow notes. They can be used on acoustic guitar and work well on electric guitar

If you are looking for a slide that will cut through the mix and has plenty of musical bite, Alice A046B metal guitar slide is an excellent choice.

  • Alice guitar slide A046B, standard length
  • Shorter length - for covering one or two strings
  • Length - 60mm, inside diameter - 20mm, external diameter - 25mm, wall - 2mm
  • Use for excellent sustain, excellent intonation, and a clear bright sound
  • Will not chip, flake or rust, smoothly finished edges for comfort during play

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