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Boomwhackers C major pentatonic set

Boomwhackers C major pentatonic set

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Boomwhackers C major pentatonic set.

The Pentatonic Scale is the most successful scale for children to experiment with - let their imagination soar with this set!

These durable, lightweight plastic tubes are perfectly tuned to different musical notes, which are clearly marked. Whack almost anything, like a table, a chair, the floor, your leg, the side of your shoe...whatever! Different surfaces produce different "timbres", but always the same musical pitch. Play a tune, tap out rhythmic patterns or ostinato accompaniment, or play along with other instruments. They're always in tune! Whack the tubes together and -boom- you have an interval or a chord! What a "tubular" (very cool) way to explore pitch, rhythm, melody, timbre, harmony, acoustics, and dynamics - just like they do in STOMP!

C Major Pentatonic Set inlcudes 6 notes/tubes: C'-D'-E'-G'-A'-C".
Tubes range in length from 11" to 24".

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