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Cort Mix5 150W multi purpose amplifier

Thundercloud Music Store

  • R 8,49500
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The MIX5 is a 150W multi-purpose combo amplifier that features 5 input channels, 4-band EQ and a built-in reverb that delivers great sound quality and flexibility in a rugged packaging that’s perfect for small to medium sized venues and street performances. Vast array of instruments can be connected to MIX5 such as acoustic and electric guitars and basses, electronic drums and drum machines, microphones, keyboards and other sound sources, through variety of input options located on the top-back side of the MIX5 for easier use. And no matter what or how many instruments you plug in, the MIX5’s solid internal design and robust external structure, together with custom-designed 12″ speaker and tweeter lets out an optimal sound with clear fidelity.

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