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Hybrid U-AV aerobics VHF cordless microphone system

Hybrid U-AV aerobics VHF cordless microphone system

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  • R 2,29900

Aerobics Headset Microphone, Fixed Frequency, VHF



  • True Diversity Receiver, Guaranteeing = Half 19” Rack Design.
    No Dead Spots on Stage Two Transmitters can be Joined
  • UHF 600-999MHz Band Together to Create One 19”
  • Three Audio Source Input Jack, Rack Width
    Supporting Phantom Power Microphone
  • Automatic Frequency  Scan Feature
  • One Transmitter can Be Used with an Unlimited Amount of Body-Pack Receivers
  • PLL Circuit Design, Preset 99
    Non-Interfered Channels
  • LCD Display, Shows the RF Level,
    AF Level, Channel and Frequency
  • Strong Transmitter Power,
    Enabling Up To 100m Line of
    Site Usage
  • Half 19″ Rack Design Two Transmitters can be joined together to create One 19″ rack width
  • Designed for Professional Stage use

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