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Mapex 14" snare wire chrome plated

Mapex 14" snare wire chrome plated

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Mapex 14" snare wire chrome plated.

Revitalize your Snare Drum! It's a fact: snare wires can stretch, break, or fall out of line, resulting in a compromised snare sound. The easiest way to refresh your snare drum is to replace your old snare wires. Mapex MSW14-20 wires are a high-quality, reliable replacement that will get your snare drum singing again. They feature 20-strand construction, and fit almost all 14" snare drums. From shells to hardware, you can count on Mapex quality. Whether you're a percussion student or a seasoned drummer, for durable, great-sounding, affordable drums and hardware, you can trust Mapex Snare Wires

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