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Mooer 8 port macro power supply for effect pedals

Mooer 8 port macro power supply for effect pedals

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The Macro Power S8 is built like tank and will fit nice and snuggly on any type of pedalboard. Loaded with eight power supply jacks, it can wield 1200mA of adjustable output power, and can also be switched to comply with different input voltage requirements. Isolation is an core feature when it comes to quality power supplies. It not only eliminates undesirable hum, but also maintains purity of tone, and ensures that the power supply's demise isn't the result of a single malfunctioning jack. Five of the S8's jacks are isolated, which is an impressive number considering the unit's generous price.


The eight supply jacks are sorted into three power-specific categories: a single 200mA output that can switch between 9V, 12V, 15V and 18V, three DC 9V 200mA outputs and a parallel jacket that consists? of four DC 9V outputs, all of which add up to 400mA in total. While 400mA isn't massive, it's more than enough juice to comfortably deal the majority of digital pedals on the market; most digital stomp boxes only need between 50 to 100mA current. If there's any uncertainty as to the compatibility of each pedal and each power supply, every output is crowned with an LED that turns off when the effect power is greater than its output power.

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