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Neutrik 1/4" mono jack plug angled silent-NP2RX-AU-Silent

Neutrik 1/4" mono jack plug angled silent-NP2RX-AU-Silent

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  • R 24000

Product Details

Neutrik silent PLUG Jack Connectors

From Neutrik, the silent PLUG range of jack connectors are designed to minimise pops and squeals. Which makes them ideal for instruments in both live and studio audio environments, and particularly when 'hot swapping' guitars. With a robust construction and a rubber overlay which increases shock protection, the Neutrik silent PLUG jack connector is reliable and industry proven. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features & Benefits

Hermetically sealed switching contacts
Lifetime for over 10,000 cycles

Robust construction with attractive design

6.35mm Neutrik

0.25 in. Professional: Jack connectors for use where applications demand a rugged connector, built to exacting standards.

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