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Nux Ace of tone overdrive effect pedal- CHND05

Nux Ace of tone overdrive effect pedal- CHND05

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ACE of TONE is a dual overdrive pedal stacked with Tubeman MKII and Morning Star. Why? Because great guitarists love 2 overdrives to stack their tone.

In the left corner~ Tubeman with FAT mode. Tubeman offers way more clarity and gain than any classic Tubescreamer, and we modified the circuit with a useful secondary function by simply holding the foot switch~ FAT mode. It cranks way more bass response to enhance the low-end yet makes the tone warmer!

In the right corner~ Morning Star with SHINE mode. Morning Star is based on legendary Bluesbreaker circuit: very transparent, low gain drive. Like our Morning Star, it also features a simple FOOT SWITCH HOLD to engage the iconic SHINE mode. In SHINE mode, you can get way more treble sound to make your tone crystal-clear.

Versatile routing and toggle switches. You can adjust the order as MS->TM or TM->MS. On the top side, you can toggle BF/TB switch for Buffer-Bypass or True-Bypass, and 9V/18V switch to 18V for internal double voltage for wider dynamic range.


Key Features

2 classic overdrive circuits in one compact enclosure.
Versatile modes and routing design to enhance the tone variety.



Input Impedance :2.2MΩ
Output Impedance :1kΩ
Power :9V DC(Negative tip,Optional ACD-006A adapter)
Current Draw :less than 100mA
Dimensions :105(L)X115(W)X58(H)mm
Weight :440g

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