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Nux tape echo effect pedal-CHNDD7

Nux tape echo effect pedal-CHNDD7

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Nux Tape Echo, effect pedal for guitar, digital tape echo (32 bit, 48 kHz), up to 1600ms stereo delay time by Tap Tempo, 7 repro tape head combinations, core image technology brings back the natural tape echo sound with parallel spring reverb, Realistic infinite pitch shift feedback with TIME & REPEAT controls, Sub-division time signature with Tap, 40 second stereo phrase loop with OLED status display, Optional delay time display (Ms/BPM),Holding, Footswitch: tempo footswitch, ON footswitch for self-feedback, Controls: Bass, Treble, Select (repro tape echo combinations), Time, Repeat, Level, Reverb, Connectors Input (6.3mm jack TS), EXP (6.3mm jack TS), Out 1 (6.3mm jack TS), Out 2 (6.3mm jack TS), Midi In and Out (3.5mm jack TRS), PSU Input, Power consumption : 300mA, 9V (Negative Tip)DC power supply can be operated (not included), suitable optional power supply: Part No. #409939, Dimensions: (W x D x H) 105 x 115 x 58 mm, Weight: 440 g.

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