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Nux voodoo vibe chorus pedal

Nux voodoo vibe chorus pedal

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The timeless uni-vibe delivered it’s huge 3D sound by simulating the physical rotating speaker effect. The Voodoo Vibe (NCH-3) is a mini Uni-vibe pedal with 2 different modes, Vibe and Chorus. You can switch modes by press and holding the footswitch. Voodoo Vibe was inspired by the Dunlop® Uni-Vibe® for its gorgeous sound easily associated with Hendrix’s bending facial expressions in his 60s stage performances.

NUX’s modern-tech DSP yields a perfect combination of both worlds: analog and digital. Unlike the original Uni-vibe, now you can power the Voodoo Vibe with 9V instead of 18V. Using DSP technology, NUX is able to offer a mini pedal with Smart Tap Tempo function. And it’s easier to enhance the Chorus mode without volume drop issues in the digital world, while still retaining the same good vibes and analog sound.


Key Features

2 models in a mini enclosure.
Chorus mode, Intensity will change the depth of the sweeping effect.
Vibrato mode, Intensity will change the degree of pitch modulation.
Smart Tap Tempo.
True-bypass or Buffer-bypass(Tails).
Supports Stereo I/O with TRS Cable.
Low power consumption. (Less than 100mA).
Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.

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