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Powerworks X10BT-UFX/H 10 channel mixer with DSP

Powerworks X10BT-UFX/H 10 channel mixer with DSP

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Powerworks X10BT-UFX/H 10 channel mixer with DSP.

Experience unmatched versatility and precision with the PowerWorks X10BT-UFX, an 10-channel mixer featuring DSP capabilities, digital effects, and USB/Bluetooth support. With its compact design and intuitive controls, this mixer is perfect for studio recording, live performances, and more.

Introducing the PowerWorks X10BT-UFX, a versatile 8-channel mixer with DSP capabilities designed to elevate your audio mixing experience. This multi-function mixer boasts 6 mono and 2 stereo inputs, along with 2 balanced and 2 line outputs, providing ample connectivity options for your audio sources. Equipped with a 12-segment level meter, 99 digital effects, and a 3-band EQ, the X10BT-UFX ensures precise control over your sound.

Featuring phantom power for condenser microphones, USB and Bluetooth support for seamless connectivity, and built-in recording and MP3 playback capabilities, this mixer offers unparalleled versatility. The inclusion of in-ear monitor support, 2 auxiliary outputs, and 1 return channel further enhances its functionality.

With mute functionality on all channels and 60mm high-precision logarithmic sliders, the X10BT-UFX delivers intuitive control and seamless operation.

Channels: 8 (6 mono, 2 stereo)
Inputs: 6 mono inputs, 2 stereo inputs
Outputs: 2 balanced outputs, 2 line outputs
Level Meter: 12-segment
Digital Effects: 99 presets
EQ: 3-band
Phantom Power: Yes (for condenser microphones)
Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, recording, MP3 playback
Additional Features: In-ear monitor support, 2 aux outputs, 1 return channel, mute on all channels
Slider Type: 60mm high precision logarithmic

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