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Superlux closed headphones black - SU-HD671

Superlux closed headphones black - SU-HD671

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  • R 1,29500

he Superlux HD671 is a closed-back dynamic over-ear headphone equipped with 50mm precision composite transducers. It’s balanced frequency response, high sensitivity and low impedance provide exceptional sound quality with clarity and detail. 

These Superlux HD671 headphones can be used with a wide variety of audio inputs and are well suited for home, studio or portable music monitoring and appreciation applications. They are equipped with a self-adjusting headband and the ear pads are made from a unique and innovative soft composite material that is easy to clean, cool on your ears and will not compress or flake over time like conventional pleather pads.

Superlux’s HD671 headphones are lightweight, cool and durable. They are extremely comfortable and enjoyable during long listening sessions. The overall sound is quite neutral over an extended frequency response with tight bass, well placed mids and highs that are clear and detailed. The headphones are very dynamic and have outstanding spatial distribution while providing excellent isolation. These qualities make the HD671 an ideal choice for both music appreciation and monitoring. Superlux’s HD671 makes it possible to enjoy high quality music in true comfort. 

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