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TC Electronic Grand-Magus distortion

TC Electronic Grand-Magus distortion

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TC's Stompbox for Rock Distortion Sounds

The TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion is overflowing with organic amp-like distortion tones, natural tube compression and a tight but rich tonal character. All within a compact metal enclosure with true bypass switching this pedal has a wide gain range and distils the heavenly rich harmonic content and organic tube sag that defines a legendary distorted amplifier.

A wide gain range and smooth tonal character, mixed with a super-tight low-end response, allows you to change from Hendrix crunch to beefy Blackmore distortion – even to saturated Slash-like solos. With true bypass switching and top-mounted jack connectors, this pedal features a sturdy metal chassis that makes this pedal equally roadworthy and pedalboard friendly.

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