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TC Electronic The Dreamscape pedal

TC Electronic The Dreamscape pedal

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John Petrucci Signature modulation effect with TonePrint function

The TC Electronic Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature Pedal gathers all of John Petrucci's personal TonePrints, tailored to John's exact specification, into a single modulation effects pedal.

The Dreamscape John Petrucci Pedal contains Three Mind-blowing Modulation Effects in One Pedal - Chorus, Flanger and Vibrato. John Petrucci Tone Print library now features six signature tones, including 2 x chorus, 2 x Flanger and 2 x Vibrato.

The Dreamscape Pedals allows you to directly upload or 'beam' other TonePrints; ideal for any guitarist seeking John Petrucci's signature Dream Theater tone in one compact stomp box guitar effects pedal, or, for all you non-fans, simply a cost effective way of getting three modulation effects in a single compact pedal.

The Dreamscape Effects pedal features a simple display consisting of four knobs - Speed, Depth, FX Level and most impressively, one that selects between the six integrated signature tones and the additional TonePrints. Furthermore, the Dreamscape houses a three-way tonal shaping toggle switch that selects between Bright, Normal and Dark. Last but not least, The Dreamscape provides all of the great features that you've found in other TonePrint pedals, such as: true bypass, one-screw-battery-access and a robust design.

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