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Toca Kalimba Large Asian Oak

Toca Kalimba Large Asian Oak

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  • R 2,49500

Toca Tocalimba Thumb Piano, Large, Siam Oak


Made of Asian oak with a walnut matte finish

Hollow body, sound chamber & wah-wah effect

9 Steel plated keys on each

African-style kalimbas—or thumb pianos—are among the few percussion instruments that create genuine melodic notes. Their distinctive tones are often used in movie soundtracks and other recordings to create an atmospheric effect. Tocalimba Thumb Pianos offer the musical charm of traditional kalimbas, combined with Toca's trademark innovative design.


The large Tocalimba is constructed of Asian oak, in a walnut matte finish. This model has a hollow body that acts as a sound chamber beneath the nine steel keys, producing deeper tones and increased resonance. In addition, special vent holes on the sides of the chamber create a unique wah-wah effect when those holes are covered and uncovered by the player’s fingers.


Kalimbas are unlike any other percussion instrument. And Tocalimbas are unlike any other kalimbas. With all this uniqueness, what’s not to love?

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